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Traditional Cooking Methods

Welcome to our home - Casa OU

casa ou

The ¨CASA OU¨ restaurant first opened its doors in 2017. This first-ever restaurant hailing from
Wenzhou, China is dedicated to serving you authentic Wenzhou cuisine, a wonderful food
tradition replete with specialized cooking methods and ingredients rich in depth and flavor.

Our Chef

The chef ZhongYi Cheng has been a student of the prestigious Zhouxiong, recognized in the traditional haute cuisine of OU gastronomy, obtaining the title of "conservator of the Chinese gastronomic cultural heritage".


ZhongYi Cheng has been working as a cook for almost 28 years, with great enthusiasm, and it has been his great Our Master Chef Cheng Zhongyi has led an illustrious career of over 28 years in the catering industry. In Wenzhou, Chef Cheng studied under the famous culinary master Zhou Xiong before going on to build his international career. He has earned a high reputation in the culinary world through his work with cuisine "ou" and now proudly owns the title, "Protector of Chinese Food Cultural Heritage".

In his gastronomic masterpieces, Chef Cheng uniquely combines his individuality withtraditional methods of cuisine "ou", showcasing his personal flair while honoring the ancientflavors of his


In 1999, Chef Cheng won the first prize in the Chinese cuisine contest with a fish dish that he
named “双鱼戏水 (shuangyuxishui)”


In 2002, he won the second prize in the Chinese cuisine contest with the dish ¨ 燕子归巢 (yanziguichao) ”and“ 葫芦虾 (huluxia) ”


In 2017, he was awarded the title "Chinese culinary master of Cuisine'OU'". In that same year he opened the restaurant ¨CASA OU.¨

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